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In recent years, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has dramatically increased its efforts to investigate possible fraud by tax preparers in Chicago, New York City and nationwide. The IRS has hired more than a thousand agents with the goal of investigating tax preparers. Consequently, increasing numbers of certified public accountants (CPAs), tax firms and other professionals are finding themselves in the crosshairs of an IRS investigation. In many instances, criminal charges can arise from these investigations.

Underreporting a taxpayer’s income has the impact of reducing a taxpayer’s overall tax burden. The IRS carefully scrutinizes these issues, and if it has reason to believe a tax preparer is creating a false or misleading return, it will act swiftly. In certain instances, the IRS may claim that the taxpayer and tax preparer are colluding to commit fraud.

The earlier you speak to Nishay K Sanan; the more options you will have in your defense. Let his 20+ years of federal criminal defense help you through this most difficult time.

Experienced Tax Law Defense
An IRS investigation demands the immediate intervention of a criminal defense attorney. An investigation or an arrest can taint a person’s career and professional reputation. The damage from a criminal indictment is even worse. For decades, individuals and businesses facing criminal tax issues have placed their trust in Nishay K. Sanan

Nishay K. Sanan has handled many criminal tax charges in Chicago, New York and throughout the U.S. His experience at all levels is especially valuable to tax preparers. He defends against all types of allegations, including inflated, excessive and otherwise illegal deductions and under-reported income.

The government may not have a complete picture of the evidence. Nishay K. Sanan will find any exculpatory evidence to show the government cannot meet its burden of proof. His analytical and investigative skills have led to positive outcomes in early stages of a case, as well as cases that have proceeded to trial. His goal in each case is to minimize the harm associated with an IRS or criminal investigation.

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