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In recent years, the nation has experienced a rise in real estate fraud and mortgage fraud. The federal government has reacted by becoming more aggressive in prosecuting investors, brokers and straw buyers alleged to have been part of mortgage fraud schemes. Convictions for mortgage fraud carry severe consequences, so hiring the right defense lawyer is critical.

New York mortgage fraud defense lawyer Nishay K. Sanan has more than 15 years of experience handling these and other federal white collar crime cases. He provides creative, intelligent and aggressive representation to those facing federal real estate or mortgage fraud charges in New York and across the country.

Understanding the Meaning of Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud charges are essentially based on the accusation that a person gave false information to a lender to obtain a mortgage. The false information could include:

  • Forgery of signatures
  • Falsification of loan applications
  • Exaggeration of income
  • Misrepresentation of home value
  • Straw-man schemes
  • Sham sales

Whatever the specifics of the charges, federal mortgage fraud cases are highly complex. Effective defense depends on your attorney’s ability to independently investigate the matter and act swiftly and forcefully to protect your rights. These cases typically require the use of real estate experts, forensic accountants and other financial specialists. As a respected and successful criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Sanan has the resources necessary to win these challenging cases.

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