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Illinois Illegal Computer Intrusion and Identity Theft Defense Lawyer

Federal Internet criminal defense can be complicated, so it is essential to have a defense lawyer who knows federal and state laws on Internet crimes.

Nishay K. Sanan, Esq. has defended people accused of Internet crimes for more than ten years. He uses his experience, skill and knowledge to prepare a strong defense that takes into account criminal laws and procedures.

It is not uncommon for Internet criminal charges to result in additional charges for fraud or white collar crime. If you are currently under investigation or have already been formally charged, speak with an experienced attorney who will fight to protect your rights, your freedom and your reputation.

What are Internet Crimes?

The label "Internet crimes" encompasses a broad range of allegations:

  • Illegal computer intrusion (hacking)
  • Password trafficking
  • Internet fraud, including computer fraud, credit card fraud, wire fraud, e-mail fraud (SPAM fraud, phishing, etc.) and auction/EBay fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Counterfeiting of currency or selling counterfeit goods (music piracy, video game piracy, etc.)
  • Internet sex crimes, including sexual solicitation, child pornography and child exploitation/solicitation
  • Internet harassment or threats
  • Trafficking of explosive devices over the Internet
  • Illegal online pharmacies

Experienced and Aggressive Defense

Because of the complexity of the law related to Internet activities, many alleged perpetrators don't realize that they have violated a law until they are contacted by government investigators. As a result, they unwittingly face extensive fines, community service and even incarceration.

Was the search and/or seizure of your computer legal? Were you read your Miranda rights? Did the computer in question belong to you or have access to an unsecured network? These are the important questions to which Attorney Sanan will find answers. He uses his more than ten years of experience to aggressively defend his clients against destructive Internet crime charges.

Personal Service, Close Communication

At his Chicago law firm, attorney Nishay K. Sanan, Esq. makes close communication with clients his top priority. Mr. Sanan sits down with each of his clients and makes sure that they understand the law and know exactly why they are being investigated or charged.

If you have been accused of a crime involving the Internet, please do not hesitate to contact Nishay K. Sanan, Esq. at 312-692-0360. Consultations are confidential and free, but potential clients may be asked to pay for travel expenses.

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