New York Federal Business Fraud Lawyer

Allegations of business fraud can greatly damage a company and its management. If your business is confronted with accusations of fraud, whether in New York or internationally, the stakes are high. The government pours vast resources into combating fraud. You and your business deserve a lawyer who can take on the government and be successful.

An Experienced New York Federal Business Fraud Attorney

For more than 15 years, stockbrokers, CEOs, accountants, corporations and business owners have relied on Nishay K. Sanan, Esq., to defend them. Business fraud cases, especially those at the federal level, are highly complex. Federal authorities can spend years investigating and building cases. Mr. Sanan works quickly and intelligently to gather facts and find weaknesses. He has the resources needed to succeed in these matters, including the ability to bring in independent experts to strengthen the defense.

Handling Many Types of Business and Corporate Fraud

With an extensive background as a federal white collar crime and financial crime defense attorney, Nishay Sanan, Esq., proficiently handles a variety of business fraud cases, including:

Throughout the legal process, meticulous attention to detail and confidential client communication is necessary. As a lawyer well versed in federal and criminal defense, Nishay K. Sanan, Esq., offers legal guidance that considers different perspectives to form sound legal options. A review of every factor involved empowers him to protect clients’ rights by exploiting any inconsistencies in the government’s accusations or evidence.

All business fraud cases boil down to intent. Did you intend to falsify your assets on a mortgage document? Did you know you committed fraud when you misrepresented your information on a tax form or did you follow the advice of your accountant? Even a seemingly minor action, when committed with intent, carries with it harsh penalties. You can lose your job, tarnish your reputation and surrender your civil liberties while in prison.

Mr. Sanan is ready to discuss the charges against you and give you a realistic assessment of what you are facing. He can begin to work immediately building a defense that preserves your freedom and your company’s viability to the greatest extent possible.

Contact a Manhattan Securities Fraud Attorney

Nishay Sanan, Esq., can defend you against all types of state and federal business fraud charges in New York and across the United States. Please call 312-692-0360 or 888-335-6504 or send an e-mail. While initial consultations are free, clients may be asked to reimburse for travel expenses.