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When you have been convicted of a crime, you have the right to challenge both the conviction and the sentence. Appeals require a special set of skills and knowledge. It requires in-depth familiarity with procedures and procedural rules. A successful appellate lawyer will have a keen eye and the ability to make arguments that are persuasive both under the law and considering public policy.

Paying close attention to detail, an appellate lawyer will review the trial court records to see what mistakes were made, what objections were raised and what should have been done differently. With 10 years of experience, Nishay K. Sanan, Esq., is an experienced and effective appellate attorney.

Post-Conviction Relief

If you have been convicted and are incarcerated, legal action is still available to protect your rights. Nishay K. Sanan, Esq., files federal habeas corpus petitions - called 2255 petitions - and supporting affidavits on behalf of clients. With 10 years of experience, he has achieved success in post-conviction relief for numerous clients.

A successful attorney prepares an appeal that takes everything into account, focusing on winning legal arguments. These can be complex, often based on years of study and focused attention to the law - not just existing law but changes based on Supreme Court decisions. An appeal is not another trial but a chance to argue that you deserve another chance: that the mistakes made in your trial were so significant that you should not have been found guilty or sentenced so harshly.

Appellate attorney Nishay Sanan has handled many complex, high-level appeals. As an experienced trial attorney in addition to an appellate attorney, he is especially skilled in spotting trial court errors. His knowledge of the courtroom gives him the ability to look into issues other attorneys may have missed. Was the jury selected correctly? Was the judge unbiased? Was evidence introduced that should have been excluded? Did prosecutors fail to disclose evidence they were required to by law? Mr. Sanan looks into these questions and finds the answers.

If you need to appeal your conviction or sentencing in an Illinois or federal case, Contact Nishay K. Sanan, Esq., through this Web site or by calling 312-692-0360.

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